Hands of Time – How Fat Grafting Can Make Yours Look Years Younger

Your beauty routine should include caring for your hands as well as your face.

Your beauty routine should include caring for your hands as well as your face.

Daily beauty routines are so focused on faces that we often forget other parts of are bodies that can be telltale signs of age. One area of the body that instantly tells a story is our hands.

So why do hands seem to age quicker than do other parts of the body? One reason is because the skin on the backs of our hands is thin and has few oil glands. Plus, our hands are constantly exposed to environmental elements, including the sun and wind, both of which can dry and chafe skin. And, of course, we use our hands in so many of our daily activities and work that they endure lots of wear and tear. Meanwhile, age alone strips the volume and elasticity from our hands. Collectively, these factors can do a real number on your hands’ skin, making them look far older than a well cared-for face.

Fortunately, skincare advances over the past few years have placed more focus on regaining youthful looking hands. These include newer, noninvasive filler materials and cosmetic treatments designed to volumize, polish and rejuvenate hands. Topping the list for many patients and aestheticians is hand rejuvenation via fat grafting. This procedure involves harvesting autologous fat from other areas of your own body, such as the abdomen and thighs, and transferring, or grafting it into your hands. Using fat from your own body eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction, and results last far longer (three to five years) than those obtained with synthetic fillers. (six to eight months).

Hand rejuvenation with fat grafting can shave 10 to 15 years off the appearance of your hands, filling hollows and restoring a more voluminous, youthful look. And, it’s a largely safe, minimally-invasive procedure that can be performed in your aesthetician’s office with a safe, local anesthetic.

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