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image of a young womens beautiful skin Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) is an exciting medical procedure used to improve appearance and help change your outlook on life. It is used a lash liner, eyeliner, eyebrow or lip enhancement. Additionally, it is used a camouflage for scars, replacing pigment lost from vitiligo and as an imitation of hair. The procedure can put the finishing touch on the reconstructed breast with the addition of a nipple/areola. Permanent makeup can achieve miracles physically emotionally.

Your may want to consider permanent makeup if you:

  • Suffer from makeup allergies or wear contact lenses.
  • Have visual or motor impairment, making the application of makeup difficult.
  • Have thin, uneven, poorly shaped eyebrows.
  • Have excessively oily skin which causes your makeup to smear.
  • Have surgical scars, vitiligo or hypo-pigmentation disorder.
  • Have hair loss due to alopecia.
  • Which to always look your best while participating in sports or an active lifestyle.
  • Want the convenience of a perfect, yet natural looking image 24 hours a day.
  • Wish to improve or rejuvenate your appearance.

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