Beauty Boosters for the Bridal Season

Bride and bridesmaids

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the “June bride” tradition? It’s traced to an ancient Roman festival that celebrated the deity Juno and his wife Jupiter, revered as the goddess of marriage and childbirth, and was held on June 1. By the Victorian age, the tradition continued in large part because fresh flowers were plentiful both for wedding décor and for the decidedly more urgent purpose of masking body odor. Keep in mind that only the wealthy bathed daily during the Gibson Girl days.

Thankfully, much has changed in the century since. Today’s brides and their attendants have an abundance of skincare and aesthetic options to assure a gorgeous glow on their big day. Whether you’ll be walking the aisle as the betrothed, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery offers these services for a beautiful look:

  • Chemical peels: Here in sunny coastal Florida, days lounging in the sun are commonplace. But hours of sun exposure can do a number on your skin. A chemical peel employs a chemical solution to remove damaged outer layers of skin, leaving behind a smoother, tighter, younger looking complexion. Depending upon the condition of your skin and your goals, an AHA, TCA or Phenol peel can be perfectly tailored just for you.
  • Botox: Planning a wedding can be stressful, no doubt. To help assure that stress-induced wrinkles and fine lines give way to a purely blissful look, Botox is a fast-working and highly effective option. This purified, injectable protein targets facial wrinkles and frown lines, blocking nerve reactions and relaxing overactive muscles that can cause a tired, stressed or older look. Instead, you’ll look blissfully, breezily, not-a-care-in-the-world happy – just as it should be on a wedding day.
  • Hand rejuvenation with fat grafting: If you’re the bride, no doubt your hands will be front and center, showing off your new sparklies in many of your cherished photos. Make sure your hands are picture-perfect with our hand rejuvenation procedure that harvests fat cells from other spots on your body and places them in to the hollows of your hands. The result is smoother, healthier, younger-looking hands.

And remember – These services aren’t just for brides. They’re great for grooms, too. Call 904-396-1186 and let Parkway Plastic Surgery help prepare you for your special day.

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Why More Men Are Opting for Lip Enhancement

Attractive man with full lips

Cosmetic procedures have made it possible for people everywhere to enhance their looks, achieving smoother skin, slimmer figures and fuller cheeks and lips. But for decades, many of these procedures have been considered the domain of women. Today, men increasingly are opting for these same procedures and enjoying the tailored benefits of a more aesthetic look and a confidence boost.

Among the fastest growing choices for men is lip augmentation. Since 2000, the total year-over-year number of lip enhancements performed has jumped 50 percent across the board, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But among men only, the figure has increased a whopping 404 percent in the same time period. In fact, last year alone, upward of 1,200 men in the US underwent lip enhancement surgery.

For those not sold on surgery, dermal fillers also are a top lip enhancement choice among men and women. Restylane, Radiesse and Juvederm all are popular and highly effective, minimally-invasive options.

While cosmetic procedures have been proven to help men and women achieve the kind of confidence and public perception that benefit them in their careers, relationships and social situations, industry experts also point to the rise of the selfie as a top driving force behind the increasing number of men opting for facial cosmetic procedures that enhance the skin, lips and eyes. As it turns out, men want to put their best faces forward just as much as women do. Male beauty bloggers and vloggers also are increasing in number and influence.

If you’re a male considering lip enhancement or another cosmetic procedure, call 904-396-1186 and schedule a consultation with Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery today.