Four Top Reasons for Undergoing Rhinoplasty

Feminine face with natural make-up

Beautiful eyes and a great smile are among the first facial features noticed by the opposite sex. But when it comes to self-awareness, many people find themselves fixated on the centermost feature – the nose. In fact, statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that some 217,000 people in the United States underwent nose reshaping procedures in 2014, making it the second most common cosmetic surgery that year.

Among the top reasons for undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure are:

  1. Repairing a broken nose: Contact sports, falls and automobile accidents are among the top causes of a broken or fractured nose. This can leave one with a crooked appearance and trouble breathing.
  2. Correcting a breathing issue: If you snore loudly, suffer chronic sinus infections or frequently have trouble breathing, a deviated septum or other nasal deformity may be to blame.
  3. Minimizing the signs of aging: As you age, gravity can affect the appearance of your nose in much the same way it causes your cheeks to sag, eyelids to hood and skin beneath the chin to loosen. It can pull the tissue of the nose downward, causing the tip to droop and take on a bulbous look. Also, as facial volume depletes and your cheeks lose definition, you nose may appear bigger.
  4. Self-esteem boost: Results of multiple studies show that that surgery enhancing the shape and size of the nose can an help improve self-esteem. Such a confidence boost can go a long way in improving one’s quality of life.

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Why More Men are Opting for Cosmetic Procedures

More men are opting for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

More men are opting for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Those who undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures primarily are women. And while they’re far behind in number, and likely always will be, men increasingly are opting for the same aesthetic and youth-preserving procedures that women undergo every day. In fact, statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that men account for 13 percent of the total number of surgical cosmetic procedures and eight percent of the minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in 2013.

The top five surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures among men last year were:

Plastic Surgery

  1. Rhinoplasty, 57,391
  2. Eyelid surgery, 30,398
  3. Liposuction, 23,558
  4. Breast reduction, 22,939
  5. Facelift, 12,699

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures

  1. Botox, 385,358
  2. Laser hair removal, 190,546
  3. Microdermabrasion, 178,410
  4. Dermal fillers, 95,361
  5. Chemical peel, 94,625

So why are men flocking to plastic surgeons and aesthetic specialists nationwide? A top reason is recent economic troubles that have made competition for good jobs tougher. Mature men often feel at a disadvantage vying for positions and promotions against much younger competitors, particularly as older workers are putting off retirement. Cosmetic procedures that help shave years off their looks can help level the playing field for older men.

Another reason is that today’s Americans are far more health conscious and physically active than in generations before. As a result, not only are they living longer, but they’re feeling younger than their true age. Cosmetic procedures help both men and women to look as young and vibrant as they feel. Finally, changing attitudes have made undergoing cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures far more socially acceptable than in the past.

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