Over 40 and Considering Breast Enhancement? Here’s What You Need to Know

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The childbearing and nursing years are behind them and menopause hasn’t yet hit. That’s the sweetspot of time wherein women increasingly are choosing to finally go for a certain confidence-boosting procedure they’ve likely been considering for years. Cosmetic surgeons nationwide say they’re seeing an increase in women over 40 opting for breast enhancing procedures including breast augmentations and lifts. If you’re among them, here’s what you need to know.

  1. You’re certainly not alone: Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that women over 40 rank the second highest for breast augmentations. Of the more than 279,100 breast augmentations performed in 2015, 80,668 were for women over 40, second only to women in their 30s (103,738).
  2. Breast augmentations won’t affect your mammogram: A top concern of women in their 40s is the increased risk of breast cancer. Rest assured, that breast implants won’t interfere with having mammograms, particularly if you opt for implants to be placed under the muscle. However, you should always let your mammography technician know that you have implants before the imaging process starts. This allows the technician to tailor the procedure the procedure accordingly.
  3. You’re smarter about it today: Younger patients often have unrealistic expectations of just how a breast augmentation will make them look and feel. By their 40s, however, women have a better understanding of their own reasons (typically age-related volume loss) for and limitations of this and other procedures to help them feel confident. They know that true confidence starts within – cosmetic work simply helps build on that already strong base of self-esteem.

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Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift – How to Choose the Best Option for You

Breast augmentation and breast lifts offer different results.

Breast augmentation and breast lifts offer different results.

Breast augmentations are top surgical cosmetic procedure, with more than 286,254 performed in 2014. But an augmentation isn’t always the optimal choice, depending upon the condition of our breasts and your desired outcome. Though less common, breast lifts also can be an effective choice.

Here’s how to choose whether a breast augmentation, breast lift or a combination of the two is the best option for you.

Choose breast augmentation alone if:

  • Your breast drooping is mild.
  • Your nipples remain near the center of your breast but do not point downward.
  • You have visible skin beneath the nipple/areola when looking at your breasts straight on.
  • You want to increase your breast size by at least one cup size.

Choose a breast lift if:

  • Your breast drooping is moderate or severe.
  • Your nipples are at the bottom of your breasts or they point downward.
  • You have no visible skin beneath the nipple/areola when looking at your breasts straight on.
  • You’re already a C or D cup and do not want to increase your cup size.
  • You want to reduce your areola.

Choose a combination of the two procedures if:

  • You want to increase your breast cup size and reduce drooping.
  • You want to maintain projection and roundness of the breast mound.
  • Your breast drooping is severe.

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