Breast reduction, also known as "reduction mammaplasty", is a surgical procedure that decreases the volume and weight of the breasts as well as lifts the breasts to restore a more youthful appearance. Many women seek breast reduction to relieve symptoms of back pain, neck pain, bra strap grooving and rashes under the breasts. Breast reduction differs from a mastopexy (breast lift) in some distinct ways. Although both procedures lift the breast, a breast reduction also removes a larger amount of tissue to relieve the symptoms listed previously.

Breast reduction may be covered by your health insurance. Coverage is determined by each individual company and is usually based on a combination of breast size, estimated amount of tissue to be removed and body mass index. We will submit to your insurance company for approval if appropriate. Breast Reduction is done in the operating room under general anesthesia. It takes approximately 2-3 hours and you can go home the same day. We do require you to have someone with you the first night (family member or friend). The surgery generally requires 1-2 weeks for recovery (off work). You will be limited to lifting less than 10 pounds for 6 weeks after your surgery. Post-operative pain is moderate and well controlled with pain pills. For your comfort, we also offer a pain pump. This is a device with two tiny catheters (soft, flexible tubes) that are inserted into the breasts. Local numbing medicine is slowly dripped into the site over the first three days. The pain pump is painless and easy to manage. You may remove your dressing and shower the day after your surgery. Please purchase a sports style bra that opens in the front before your surgery. You may wear this starting the day after surgery and will continue to wear this type of bra for 6 weeks.

The Jacksonville staff of Parkway Plastic Surgery will provide you with detailed information regarding your breast reduction surgery at the time of your consultation. Please allow adequate time (30 min.-1 hr.) for us to answer your questions and address any concerns. We look forward to seeing you.