Liposuction photo Liposuction or "suction lipectomy" is often performed to remove excess fat in many different areas of the body. Some of the more common areas include the abdomen and hips, inner and outer thigh, arms and neck, but liposuctions can address fatty areas in almost all parts of the body. Liposuction works to slim down and improve the shape of an area of the body. Although you may not notice a change in your weight on the scale, you will notice a difference in the shape of your curves and how you fit into clothing. Liposuction works the best in patients who have a stubborn area of fat that no matter what diet or exercise program they use, they still have an area of fat that will not improve. The most common method of liposuction used is the tumescent technique. This technique works by first infusing fluid into the area which contains an analgesic or numbing medicine as well as an agent to decrease bleeding. Liposuction is then performed in the same area to remove the fat with very little blood loss. New liposuction techniques are constantly being invented. Although these new trends each have their own merit, many of them all still have the same final result. At Parkway Plastic Surgery, we stay up to date with the newest trends and will help you figure out which procedure will best serve your needs.

Liposuction works by making a series of small incisions less than an inch in size in the area that needs to be addressed. We then use a small cannula to remove the fat from that area. After the procedure, you will be placed in a garmet that compresses the area where the liposuction was performed. There is usually drainage from those small incisions during the first few days. Jacksonville patients can expect to be fairly swollen and bruised for about 2 weeks. Ice works well to help control the swelling and decrease the pain. Wearing the garmet will also help with this. You will need to wear the garmet for approximately 6 weeks after the liposuction procedure, so keep this in mind during the summer or hotter months of the year Liposuction does not provide immediate gratification. The swelling goes down over the month after your procedure, but you may not see your final result for up to 6 months later. Contact us for more information about liposuction.