Abdominoplasty, also known as a "tummy tuck", is a procedure that can help firm and tighten your abdomen to give a flatter, smoother appearance. Many women experience changes in their abdomen as they age. With weight changes and childbearing, many women develop a lower abdominal "pooch" that no amount of weight loss or exercise will fix. In addition, our abdominal muscles or "6-pack" spread so they are no longer aligned causing laxity or looseness of the lower abdomen. An abdominoplasty may help to address these problems. An abdominoplasty or tummy tucks works by removing the excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen from the belly button to the pubic bone. This may also remove those bothersome stretch marks. The upper abdomen then gets pulled downward flattening the entire abdomen. In addition, a series of stitches is placed on the inside from the ribs to the pubis which tightens the muscles bringing them into normal alignment much like an internal corset. Although much of the surgery is done under the surface, the only incisions seen are around the belly button and a separate incision low in the pubic hairline from hip to hip. This incision is hidden by underwear or a bikini.

Jacksonville Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck is done in the operating room under general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours to perform. You will go home the same day and will have a nurse stay with you at your house the first night. We want you to be up and in a chair the next day and to start moving around the house to get your circulation moving. After surgery, you will likely have 1 or 2 drains which are removed in 1-2 weeks. You will be required to wear an abdominal binder or compression garment (girdle) for about 6 weeks after your surgery. There is no lifting over 10 pounds for 6 weeks after surgery as well.

When you visit our office in Jacksonville, FL for your consultation we will discuss in detail what you can expect from abdominoplasty surgery and answer any questions you may have. Due to the extensive nature of the consultation, please allow adequate time (approximately 1 hour) for us to address all aspects of your care and show you pictures of patients who have also undergone this procedure.