Introducing LifeSculpt

LifeSculpt is the newest laser liposuction technology. It is also referred to as SlimLipo. Using LifeSculpt we can “melt” away unwanted fat cells using a minimally invasive procedure. It is done under local anesthesia and you can be back to work the next day. There is little discomfort and practically no downtime. With just a few small incisionsĀ LifeSculpt not only removes fat but also has an incredible skin tightening affect to give you the best possible results. Learn more about LifeSculpt online at or call our office for a free consultation.


****The study is now closed. Please contact our office for alternative implants.*****

Developed to combine the natural result of silicone gel and the safety of saline for “Peace of Mind”, many women and plastic surgeons call it the Hybrid breast implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT is now being studied in an FDA-approved nationwide clinical trial, limited to 500 women having their first breast augmentation or replacement of existing saline or silicone gel implants. While you will not be paid for enrolling in this study, you will receive a lump sum payment of $8,000-$12,000 from a trust fund for completing 12 follow-up visits over 10 years. Please call our office for your free consultation to find out more about the IDEAL IMPLANT.