Seven Sensational New Year’s Resolutions for a Beautiful Complexion in 2017

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The New Year is quickly upon us. If a smoother, younger, more vibrant look is on your list of goals for 2017, Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery recommends these seven surefire resolutions:

  1. Kick the habit: Smoking and drinking alcohol rob your skin of essential moisture, leaving it dry, discolored and prematurely wrinkled. Smoking is a double whammy, as it also causes vertical lines above and below the lips to develop.
  2. Hydrate: Our bodies are comprised of 70 percent water, but that water content decreases with age. That’s why it’s critical that you keep your body hydrated not just for aesthetics but for your health’s sake as well. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush toxins, keep organs functioning properly and keep skin plump and smooth.
  3. Move: Regular exercise is a great way to not only obtain and maintain a svelte figure, it also helps to keep your skin looking young and possibly even reverse signs of aging already present. One study by Ontario’s McMaster University showed that skin samples of participants in their 40s, 50s and 60s who exercised regularly were consistent in appearance with people in their 20s and 30s.
  4. Get your Zs: During sleep, your body works to clear itself of toxins, many of which otherwise would contribute to premature aging. Be sure to get at least eight hours of uninterrupted, restorative sleep and wake up to a more rested look and radiant skin.
  5. Cover up: A top culprit in premature aging is exposure to the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays – especially in warm, sunny climates like ours here in coastal Florida. Use a high-quality, high-SPF sunblock every time you venture outside.
  6. Ban stress: Stress is proven to contribute to premature wrinkling, dark under-eye bags and other signs of aging, particularly when experienced at high levels or for extended periods of time. Plus, it can trigger a range of skincare woes including acne, psoriasis and rosacea.
  7. Pamper yourself: Treat yourself to regular treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion. And adopt a daily skincare routine involving high-quality products that deliver far better results than do discount or department store lines.

Don’t wait until 2017. Call now to begin your journey to a more beautiful you with a consultation at Parkway Plastic Surgery. Reach us at 904-396-1186.

Three Tips for Gifting Plastic Surgery

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Are you considering giving plastic surgery or another cosmetic procedure as a holiday gift? Be careful. Giving the gift of beauty can quickly turn ugly if handled indelicately or not fully thought through. Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery offers three tips on gifting gracefully.

  1. No big surprises: If your wife has talked about getting a breast augmentation, your husband has mentioned a facelift or a girlfriend is openly considering Botox, go for it! If not, think twice. Surprising someone with a procedure they haven’t mentioned may come across as a message that you deem her or him inadequate.
  2. First things first: Even if you’ve discussed plastic surgery with a loved one, don’t attempt to secretly arrange a procedure without a comprehensive consultation. First, no reputable surgeon will consider it. Plus, the option you’ve discussed may not be the best plan for the recipient. Remember that plastic surgery has many benefits, but also comes with potential risks and complications. Instead of asking for a particular procedure, instead arrange a consultation so that the two of you can consider all options for the desired outcome and choose your gift accordingly.
  3. Recipient’s choice: When gifting a procedure, understand that it’s not your place to choose the provider. Your own plastic surgeon may be a great match for you, but not necessarily for your loved one. Instead, do a bit of homework and provide the recipient with a list of board-certified plastic surgeons in the area who offer the desired procedure and allow him or her to make that intensely personal decision.

Perhaps the best way to give the gift of beauty is to purchase gift certificates for highly effective, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that require less commitment than plastic surgery. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Botox, Radiesse and Restylane all are great options and will allow the recipient a chance to get to know the surgeon and staff and develop a level of comfort and trust before committing to a more invasive surgical procedure.

Let Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery help you choose the right gift for your loved one. Call 904-396-1186 or stop by our Gate Parkway location on the Southside.

Parkway Plastic Surgery Premieres New Revision Skincare Products

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Ready for a beautiful new “revision” of your complexion? Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery has you – and those on your holiday shopping list – covered. Northeast Florida’s premiere center for cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery and high-end skincare products, we recently introduced several new items from the world renowned Revision Skincare collection.

For more than 25 years, Revision Skincare has provided physicians with clinically proven, high-performing skincare products made of the purest, most efficacious ingredients and formulated to reducing signs of aging and beautifully enhancing the skin’s health and appearance.

Among the new products you’ll find at Parkway Plastic Surgery:

  • Finishing Touch Microdermabrasion Scrub: This highly effective facial exfoliation scrub uses Polynesian volcanic black sand and ultra-fine pumice to gently remove dead, dehydrated surface cells from the skin for an immediate soft, smooth appearance. Freshwater silt hydrates, nourishes and helps absorb impurities to brighten dull skin. It’s great for those with normal, oily, combination and mature skin.
  • Black Mask Purifying Facial Mask: This intensive mask deep cleans the skin, clearing it of impurities and excess sebum. It draws upon the unique properties of high-quality earth clays to unclog pores and absorb excess oil, and of European freshwater silt to purify and soothe the complexion. It’s effective for all skin types and benefits include noticeably refined appearance of pores and a healthy, moist feel to the skin.
  • Nectifirm: When it comes to anti-aging, many focus solely on the face, neglecting care of the skin on their necks. The result is a telltale sign of aging that belies a smooth, younger-looking facial complexion. That’s why Nectifirm is among the hottest new anti-aging products on the market, infused with plant extracts, antioxidants and unique biotechnological blends that work cohesively to create a smoother, younger-looking neck. Ingredients include bamboo, English pea extract and glucosamine to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; algae extracts that help the skin retain moisture and tone; dihydromyricetin, derived from the wax myrtle shrub, to reduces the appearance of rough, crepey skin; and vitamins C and E for a brighter and more even toned complexion. Nectifirm recently won the prestigious NewBeauty Beauty Choice Award and was named the “No. 1 Neck Product You Need” by editors, readers, board members and top beauty industry players.

Stop by our Southside location to find out which Revision products are most suited for your complexion. Call 904-396-1186 to schedule a consultation at Parkway Plastic Surgery today. And remember that quality skincare products make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers as well.