Step Up Your Skincare Game in 2016

Woman with 2016 celebration sign

It’s that time again! The close of one year is the perfect opportunity to reflect and reassess multiple facets of your life and to set goals, make plans and implement changes for the year ahead. Topping the vast majority of New Year’s resolution lists is the commitment to get healthier, whether via losing weight, exercising more, eating more nutritiously or simply de-stressing. If you aim for a vibrant new look in 2016, we suggest you begin with your skin.

The best way to step up your skincare routine in the coming year is to learn more about the quality and efficacy of the products you choose. Just like a mechanic’s wrench or an artist’s paintbrush, the skincare tools you use can make real difference in your results. To achieve the best results possible, experts recommend skipping store-bought products and committing instead to a high quality, medical grade skincare regimen. Here’s why:

  1. Medical grade products, those available only through a dermatologist office or medical spa under the supervision of a physician, have a higher concentration of active ingredients than do products sold over the counter (OTC) at grocery, department and convenience stores or online. The proof is in the list of ingredients printed on product labels. The higher on the list an ingredient appears, the higher its concentration in the finished product. A quick check of ingredient lists on OTC products will reveal that many are made mostly of water or other non-active fillers that do little or nothing for your skin.
  2. While OTC skincare products are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat only the uppermost surface layer of the skin, medical grade products are formulated to reach deeper dermal layers, treating various skin conditions at their root.
  3. Because they’re developed by scientists and physicians, and prescribed or administered by highly trained doctors, nurses and aestheticians who know your unique skincare needs, medical grade skincare products offer you a far higher degree of confidence. They’re backed by proven science and clinical studies that reveal just how effective particular products have been for other patients.

Of course, medical grade products will cost you a bit more than lesser quality OTC options. But your complexion is far more than a physical calling card. In fact, your skin is your body’s largest organ and its first line of defense against environmental toxins. Plus, you’re worth it.

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