Eight Top Reasons Women Choose Breast Reduction Surgery

Young Woman Trying On Clothes

While breast augmentation surgery remains the number one cosmetic plastic surgery procedure year after year, a growing number of women are going the other direction in their quest for a beautifully proportioned figure. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that 41,309 women underwent breast reduction surgery in 2014.

Among the top reasons that women choose breast reduction procedures are:

  1. Pain relief: A pair of D-cup breasts can weigh upward of 15 to 23 pounds. The constant, front-heavy weight of large breasts have been linked to multiple physical ailments including back aches, neck pain even migraine headaches and numbness in the fingers.
  2. Shoulder grooves: Speaking of weight, heavier breasts mean constant downward pressure inside bra cups. This pull can cause bra straps to dig into the wearer’s shoulders causing painful grooves or even cuts to the skin.
  3. Skin discoloration: Often, the skin in the area where a heavy breast folds over and where a bra sits can, over time, form permanent red or brown marks where blood essentially gets trapped. Also, should a rash or sore form, it can take longer to heal because of the lack of air flow.
  4. Poor posture: The combination of weight and back or shoulder pain can do a number on a woman’s posture, causing her to hunch forward. This only serves to further worsen middle and upper back and neck pain.
  5. Sagging breasts: Heavy breasts are more prone to sagging as we age. It’s simply a matter of gravity and it’s not attractive. While a breast lift will help, a breast reduction may also be necessary to restore a youthful look.
  6. Unwanted attention: It’s no secret that large breasts can attract the attention of less-than-tactful individuals. Many women considering breast reduction list rude or suggestive comments, intrusive looks or unwanted advances among the factors influencing their decisions.
  7. Clothing assortment: Some forms of clothing, including tank or strapless tops, sundresses and clothing made of delicate fabrics are difficult to wear comfortably with larger, heavier breasts. Smaller, lighter breasts can afford a woman a wider array of fashion options.
  8. Confidence: A high percentage of women who undergo breast reduction report feeling more confident after their procedures. Often, this clears the way for healthier lifestyles, as women find it easier to exercise and live more active lifestyles.

If your breasts are causing you pain, posture or confidence issues, a breast reduction procedure may help. Call Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery at 904-396-1186 to schedule a consultation.

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