Double Chin? Introducing KYBELLA

Profile of beautiful woman

Among the most envied feature of model and celebrity looks is a strong, defined chin line. For those with a bit of extra fat below the chin, often referred to as a “double chin,” a new solution has arrived – and it has nothing to do with turtleneck tops or fashion scarves.

Introducing KYBELLA, an injectable prescription medication made by Allergan, a leading pharmaceutical company, and designed to improve the appearance and profile of submental fat below the chin. Its active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, a molecule that your body produces naturally and that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath your skin, KYBELLA actually dissolves fat cells and prohibits the accumulation and storage of new fat in that area.

KYBELLA was approved by the FDA in April, after more than 20 clinical trials that involved upward of 5,000 patients. A typical treatment consists of a series of 12 to 20 injections and, depending upon the severity of your case, your doctor may recommend multiple treatment sessions spaced a month apart to achieve your desired look.

Side effects typically are minimal and include temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, pain, and redness or hardness around the treatment area. Rare but serious side effects can include trouble swallowing or nerve injury in the jaw that can cause facial muscle weakness or an uneven smile. That’s why it’s crucial that you undergo KYBELLA treatments administered only by a highly trained and experienced medical professional.

To find out how KYBELA can help give you a stronger, smoother, sexier profile call 904-396-1186 and schedule a consultation with Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery today.

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