What to Expect With a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift can give you a naturally shapelier new look.

A Brazilian butt lift can give you a naturally shapelier new look.

If you’re wishing for a shapelier derriere but are a bit leery of artificial implants, a Brazilian butt lift may be your best bet. This increasingly popular form of buttocks augmentation involves transferring your own body’s fat from other parts of your body to your buttocks via liposuction and re-injection, leaving you with a naturally fuller look and minimized risk of complications, say physicians with Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery.

When successfully performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, the Brazilian butt lift is an effective way to contour your torso and create a flat tummy, small waist, sculpted back, full hips and rounded bottom. Of course, much depends upon your own preparation for the procedure and your care and expectations afterward.

To prepare for a Brazilian butt lift or any invasive cosmetic surgery, a top requirement is that you stop smoking. It’s among the most destructive health habits across the board, and increases our risk of serious complications. Stick to a healthy diet and get plenty of rest. Avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen at least 10 days before your scheduled surgery and fully disclose all medications and supplements you’re taking to your doctor.

Most patients go home the same day of their Brazilian butt lift procedure, but you can expect to remain at our office for several hours, until you’re alert and we’ve confirmed that you’re breathing effectively and that your vital signs are stable. This procedure is performed under sedation or anesthesia, so you’ll no doubt be drowsy. Arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home from the Parkway Plastic Surgery office and stay with you for the first night.

In the weeks following your procedure, you’ll likely have bruising and swelling, and your doctor may prescribe wearing a compression garment to help keep swelling down. This also will help shrink and tighten your skin, lending a smoother, firmer look going forward. Though many patients return to work within a few weeks after surgery, remember that any invasive procedure requires time to heal. It’s crucial that you get adequate rest and that you avoid strenuous activity for a few months, though you’ll also want to avoid periods of extended sitting. You can expect a full recovery to take anywhere from four to six months.

As with any surgical procedure complications can arise both during and after surgery. Keep our number handy and call immediately if you experience;

  • Bleeding
  • Breathing problems
  • Change in alertness, including passing out or confusion
  • Chest pain, tightness, pressure or palpitations
  • Fever that persists more than a few days after your procedure
  • Inability to urinate or have a bowel movement
  • Pain, redness or swelling in your leg, particularly in your calf, which may indicate a blood clot
  • Persistent or extreme pain not controlled by your pain medication
  • Unexpected drainage, pus, redness or swelling from your incision site

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Get a Handle on Hyperhidrosis with SlimLipo

Excessive and unpredictable sweating can be embarrassing. SlipLIpo offers help.

Excessive and unpredictable sweating can be embarrassing. SlipLIpo offers help.

A great little sundress is a summertime staple for the fashion savvy. But the right look can quickly go all wrong if the summer’s heat causes you to sweat excessively.

A moderate amount of controllable sweat actually is a good thing. It’s a healthy body’s way of cooling itself on hot days, during exercise or while experiencing anxiety. But for the nearly three million Americans who suffer a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, underarm sweating goes far beyond normal levels, leading to potentially embarrassing situations.

Though Northeast Florida’s hot summertime temperatures drive sweating in anyone, hyperhidrosis can hit at any time in any situation without any of the triggers involved in normal sweating, such as anxiety, anger, fear, etc. It can happen even when a sufferer is calm, at rest and in a cool spot, and affects not just the armpits, but hands and feet as well. Doctors are unsure what causes hyperhidrosis, though there is some research-based indication that it may be hereditary. It’s that unpredictability that proves particularly troubling. Plus, even doubling up on conventional sweat control tactics like wearing extra-strength antiperspirants offers little or no relief.

Fortunately, if you suffer hyperhidrosis, help is available, and the source may surprise you. SlimLipo Laser Liposuction is a patented cosmetic procedure that uses dual wavelengths of laser light to melt fat and tighten skin, giving patients a slimmer, smoother look with little downtime. But research shows that SlimLipo offers another benefit – controlling hyperhidrosis.

In studies using the SlimLipo platform, 91 percent of patients experienced a significant reduction in axillary sweating after a single laser treatment, and nearly all of them reported a drastic and permanent reduction with just two treatments. Delivered via a tiny incision, the patented SlimLipo laser gently and permanently closes sweat glands, eliminating their ability to secrete perspiration.

Imagine spending days out and about with friends or nights out on the town without having to worry about impending embarrassment. No more constantly checking for wet spots on your clothing or incessantly wiping your hands. Hyperhidrosis treatment with SlimLipo can free you from excessive sweating and the anxiety that goes with it for good.

If you’re ready to get your excessive and unpredictable sweating under control, call Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery at 904-396-1186 to schedule a consultation today.

Five Tips for Making Your Permanent Makeup Last Beautifully

Permanent makeup may not be quite so permanent unless you exercise proper care.

Permanent makeup may not be quite so permanent unless you exercise proper care.

Summer time means lots of swimming and sweating. And even the best of water-resistant cosmetics won’t stand a chance after a few hours of splashing in the water, lingering in the sun and dominating that game of beachfront volleyball. That’s why many women opt for permanent makeup.

Formally known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup involves using tattoo technology and techniques to enhance the face with coloring that resembles eyeliner, brow makeup, mascara or lipstick. Because it’s permanent, it run, fade or wash off even on your most active days. But making sure your beautiful new look lasts, it’s important to know just how to take care of your permanent makeup, both just after application and over the long term.

Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery offers five tips for making your permanent makeup last:

  1. Stay dry: Resist the temptation to take a dip until your permanent makeup procedure area has fully healed. Bacteria can breed in all kinds of water, including lake, river, ocean pool and hot tub water. If it enters an open skin wound, it could cause a severe infection.
  2. Shun the sun: Vigilantly protect your treatment area from the sun’s rays for at least seven to 10 days. A wide-brimmed hat is a fashionable protective option. Also, your doctor may recommend you protect recently treated eyebrows with a substance like petroleum jelly until they’re fully healed.
  3. Hold the bleach: A bright, white smile is a beautiful asset. But if you’ve recently enhanced your lips with permanent makeup, wait until they’ve fully healed before bleaching your teeth. A substance called Carbamide peroxide common in bleaching gels can pull the new color from your lips, leaving them blotchy and faded.
  4. Don’t touch: Resist the urge to touch your new permanent makeup, particularly permanent eyeliner. If you must touch it, for instance to clear away dust or an errant eyelash, use a new, clean cotton swab. Otherwise, you’re courting an infection that will need to be medically treated.
  5. Kick the habit: Smoking can ruin a new permanent lipstick where your lips touch the cigarette filter. Plus, it does a real number on your skin anyway. Just nix it.

If you’re considering permanent makeup, contact Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery at 904-396-1186 and schedule a consultation today.