How SAFELipo is Changing the Body Contouring Game

Unsure about conventional liposuction? SAFELipo may be the answer you're looking for.

Unsure about conventional liposuction? SAFELipo may be the answer you’re looking for.

For decades, liposuction has been a go-to option for the removal of excess fat in multiple areas of the body including the abdomen and hips, inner and outer thigh, arms and neck. While still the gold standard of body contouring, conventional liposuction procedures can prove a bit much for some people. That’s why a new and increasingly popular option called SAFELipo is gaining ground.

With conventional liposuction, a typical patient misses a week of work and experiences soreness for up to two weeks. Tenderness and some level of swelling can last as long as six months, and patients are instructed to wear a pressure garment for approximately six weeks after a liposuction procedure – a potentially uncomfortable prospect here in hot, humid Northeast Florida.

Also, consider that liposuction procedures that use lasers, radiofrequency or ultrasound work by killing fat cells with excessive heat. If the procedure isn’t performed with the utmost care, the heat can damage the delicate blood vessels, support structures and skin that surround the targeted fat cells. This can result in scarring, dermal adhesion and skin that appears tethered with an uneven surface.

Enter SAFELipo, developed specifically for corrective liposuction procedures in the early 2000s, and gaining popularity as a safe and highly effective standalone procedure. SAFELipo works by loosening, emulsifying and separating out the unwanted fat cells; gently removing them; then equalizing the remaining thin fat layer without generating heat. This helps to protect valuable blood vessels, skin and other tissues from damage, ensuring a smoother, tighter and more natural looking result.

If you’re considering a body contouring procedure or are unhappy with results of a conventional liposuction procedure performed by another physician, Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery can help. Call 904-396-1186 to schedule a consultation.


Brotox? Three Reasons More Men are Opting for Botox

More men are turning to Botox for a younger, healthier, more competitive look.

More men are turning to Botox for a younger, healthier, more competitive look.

They’re calling it “Brotox.” But it’s the same Botox treatment that for years has been considered the domain of women. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of the nearly 6.5 million Botox procedures performed in 2013, men got about six percent. But since 2000, that number has skyrocketed 310 percent. Parkway Plastic Surgery reveals the top three reasons that male patients request Botox and other cosmetic procedures.

  1. Competition: Research shows that job candidates with more youthful looks are deemed more employable, land higher salaries and are more likely to be promoted. As the economy continues on a slow road to recovery, unemployment remains an issue and more employees are delaying retirement, remaining competitive in the job market is a growing concern.
  2. Change of perceptions: The Baby Boomer generation is hitting age 65 at the rate of 10,000 people a day. The sheer numbers alone mean more potential buyers of any product or service on the market today. Plus, consider that Boomers grew up during a period of rapid social change that offered ever-broadening possibilities. Thus, they expect – and get – more choice in how they live, play and age. This includes a growing acceptance of cosmetic treatments and procedures for both women and men.
  3. Feeling is believing: In large part because of the Internet and heightened access to medical information, today’s consumers are more health-savvy than ever before. They’re eating better, exercising and remaining active longer than prior generations. And, they simply want to look as good as they feel. Botox helps make that happen.

If you’re curious about Botox and how it can help improve your looks, confidence and competitiveness, call Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery at 904-396-1186 and schedule a consultation today.

The 3 Most Common Reasons Men Opt for Abdominoplasty

A growing number of men are choosing abdominoplasty for a smooth, trim midsection. But looks aren't the only reason.

A growing number of men are choosing abdominoplasty for a smooth, trim midsection. But looks aren’t the only reason.

Once considered primarily the domain of women, plastic surgery today is embraced by male patients, too. Among the procedures that men increasingly are choosing is abdominoplasty, better known as the tummy tuck. In fact, the number of men getting this procedure each year has grown 100 percent since 2000.

Abominoplasty is a surgery of the abdomen that involves removal of excess skin and fat and tightening of the abdominal muscles. Though it’s primarily considered a cosmetic procedure, there are several health reasons behind the choice, too. Here are the top three reasons that men undergo abdominoplasty.

  1. Diastasis recti repair: Normally, the left and right halves of the abdominal muscles are joined in the middle to create one solid abdominal wall. However, a condition called diastasis recti can develop, causing a separation of those two halve and creating a vertical ridge-like gap that runs down the center of the belly area. In men, heavy lifting, weight lifting, sudden weight gain typically are to blame (the condition also can develop in women as a result of pregnancy). Though diastasis recti isn’t dangerous, it can be unsightly. An abdominoplasty can effectively address the issue by closing the gap in the muscles and rebuilding a solid abdominal muscle wall.
  2. Hernia repair: A hernia occurs when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that holds it in place. Contributing factors can include muscle weakness caused by age, chronic coughing or damage from an injury or surgery, plus constipation, fluid in the abdomen, heavy lifting or sudden weight gain. Men are far more likely to develop abdominal hernias, which can be intensely painful and are treatable only via surgery. Trouble is, hernia surgery can create a lumpy or uneven appearance to the stomach. An abdominoplasty can help restore a smoother stomach.
  3. Significant weight loss: Formerly obese men who have successfully lost weight via a healthy diet and exercise often are unpleasantly surprised to find that while the fat has disappeared, excess stomach skin remains. An abdominoplasty helps to remove the unsightly, sagging left-behind skin, restoring a tight, taught and smooth look.

If you’re a man considering a tummy tuck, don’t let preconceived notion that it’s a woman’s procedure stop you from getting the help you need to get a great look and restore your confidence. Call Jacksonville’s Parkway Plastic Surgery at 904-396-1186 to schedule a consultation.