The power behind Kinerase is kinetin* - a plant-based extract that helps visibly improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin. Kinetin is the substance that actually prevents plant leaves from drying out and withering. Kinerase formulations deliver the remarkable restorative powers of kinetin directly to the skin - improving skin's ability to retain moisture.

The latest innovation from Kinerase is Pro+Therapy. Designed to work with the core products, Pro+Therapy is available exclusively through physicians and The Pro+Therapy difference is zeatin - a next generation plant-based extract derived from plant RNA that is proprietary to Valeant. The advanced treatment options of Pro+Therapy are designed to help break topical cosmetic plateaus and take results to the next level.

Kinerase's complete regimen of products works synergistically to reveal more radiant, visibly tighter skin.


VitaMedica is based on the concept of using nutraceuticals under the guidance of a medical professional. VitaMedica offers a targeted line of nutraceuticals for Surgery and Age Management.

VitaMedica's Surgery Products support wound healing, boost immune function and stimulate tissue growth factors. The products also minimize inflammation, bruising and swelling that often accompany a surgical procedure.

VitaMedica's Age Management products are designed to support wellness while providing nutrients to support healthy, more youthful-looking skin. Contact Parkwary Plastic Surgery for more information about the line of VitaMedica Products we carry in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lifevantage TrueScience

Lifevantage TrueScience